June 24, 10:30 -12:00 CET. Private Virtual Event

Cyber Attacks Are Up.
Are You Prepared?

Confidential CIO / CSO Cybersecurity Roundtable

Join us for a private discussion on current cybersecurity challenges and counter-strategies

The threat to businesses from professional cybercriminals and hostile state actors is growing in volume, sophistication, risk and costliness. During these challenging times, join your industry-leading cybersecurity peers to privately share war stories, knowledge and strategies.


Candid Wüest Photo
Candid Wüest
VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis
Graeme Hackland Photo
Graeme Hackland
CIO at Williams Racing
Enrico Tizzano Photo
Enrico Tizzano
Senior Vice President of Technology and Transformation at Liverpool Football Club
Steve Law Photo
Steve Law
CTO at Giacom World Networks Ltd
Erik Jan van den Heuvel Photo
Erik Jan van den Heuvel
Global IT Leader Manufacturing Labs at Dow
Rob Smith Photo
Rob Smith
COO at Nuvias Unified Communications
Christian Habraken Photo
Christian Habraken
CIO at DPD Netherlands
Andrew Parker Photo
Andrew Parker
CTO at Teknov8
Faramarz Farahani  Photo
Faramarz Farahani
CIO at Sofina Foods
Trevor Pluskota  Photo
Trevor Pluskota
CTO at CMS Distribution
Martin Carpenter Photo
Martin Carpenter
Technology Lead at M-Prove
Director at Muneris
Jamie Clague Photo
Jamie Clague
Technical Director at Dunedin IT
Richard Nesbitt Photo
Richard Nesbitt
Support and Services Manager at Icelantic
Ben Mills Photo
Ben Mills
Technical Solutions Delivery at Westcoast Cloud
Thomas Lambert Photo
Thomas Lambert
Technical Lead at Communicate Better Group
Roberto  Boselli  Photo
Roberto Boselli
CIO at Poltrona Frau Group
Giovanni Canfora Photo
Giovanni Canfora
CIO at Milano Ristorazione
Pierre Fressonn Photo
Pierre Fressonn
Deputy CISO at Banque de France
Laurent Chailley  Photo
Laurent Chailley
CISO at Banque de France

Why attend?

Private virtual discussion with the leading industry experts

This virtual roundtable is a unique opportunity to get together for an informal and confidential (Chatham House Rule) discussion of trends in cyber protection, the challenges we face, and best practices in cyberattack defense and mitigation. We invite you to engage in frank conversation, learn from fellow high-level experts, and explore what’s possible on the following topics:

  • Urgent cybersecurity challenges, from BEC to data-stealing ransomware to increased risks from remote work and more tightly-interconnected systems
  •  Cybersecurity issues after the pandemic, from more-pervasive remote work to growing reliance on cloud services to new privacy and compliance challenges
  • Long-term cybersecurity challenges, from emerging threats to the increased use of AI (both black- and white-hat) to the use of integrated solutions to combat them
Tackling the latest cyber challenges
– Cybersecurity trends: from business email compromise to data stealing ransomware
– The impact of remote work on cybersecurity
– Increase in exposed and interconnected systems
How cybersecurity will change post-pandemic
– The new normal: permanent hybrid in-office / remote-work strategy
– Moving to the cloud to save costs
– Loss of visibility with encryption and privacy
Future challenges in cybersecurity
– How to combat the flood of new threats
– Who is profiting more from artificial intelligence / machine learning: IT defense or offense?
– How can an integrated approach like Acronis Cyber Protect can help?