September 16, 09:30 BST / 10:30 CEST, 2020. Acronis Cyber Protect Virtual Conference

Defeating Cybercriminals in Three Moves:

Improving Security, Adding Automation, Cutting Costs

Have a look at innovative cyber protection solutions

Hear from industry experts about emerging cyberthreats in Europe and how they’re working to proactively defend against them


Hear from Thought Leaders including

SB (Serguei Beloussov) Photo
SB (Serguei Beloussov)
Acronis Founder and CEO
Frank Dickson Photo
Frank Dickson
Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products at IDC
Christelle Heikkila  Photo
Christelle Heikkila
IT Director at Arsenal F. C.
Candid Wuest Photo
Candid Wuest
VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis
Graeme Hackland Photo
Graeme Hackland
CIO at Williams Racing
James Slaby Photo
James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis
Sascha Maier Photo
Sascha Maier
Head of IT & Cyber Resilience at International Watch Company (IWC)
David Fuhr Photo
David Fuhr
Head of Research at HiSolutions AG
Steven Trommel  Photo
Steven Trommel
CEO and GxP Data Integrity Specialist at Proud Innovations B.V. rn
Selim Ourtani Photo
Selim Ourtani
CEO at Sertalink 
Zaidoun Arbad Photo
Zaidoun Arbad
COO at StarLink
Nick Grebennikoff Photo
Nick Grebennikoff
Chief Development Officer at Acronis
Mohammed Nabeel Photo
Mohammed Nabeel
Sr. Solution Architect – Cyber Security at Yokogawa Middle East & Africa

Why attend?

Your Legacy Backup and Cybersecurity Isn’t Enough

Traditional IT solutions often forced you to choose between data protection and cybersecurity that was secure, easy to use, or affordable. But that’s no longer the case.rnrnJoin visionaries and experts from the worlds of tech, professional sports, manufacturing, and more to learn about the cutting-edge cyber protection solutions that industry leaders are using today to:rn

    rn t

  • Deploy a complete yet affordable suite of cybersecurity and data protection services
  • rn t

  • Automatically detect, terminate, and recover from ransomware and other malware attacks
  • rn t

  • Leverage AI and machine learning to improve data, application and system security
  • rn t

  • Exploit the power of integration and automation in cyber protection to reduce costly downtime
  • rn

rnPlus, get an inside look at Acronis Cyber Protect – the world’s most complete on-premises cyber protection solution – with an engineer-led demo of our latest technology and an exclusive invite to join the beta program.

Introduction: Cyber Protection Trends and Statistics
Keynote: Cyber Protection in a Fast-Changing World
– Serguei Beloussov, CEO and Founder of Acronis
Keynote: Rethinking the Approach to IT & Cybersecurity
– Frank Dickson, Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products at IDC
Panel: Better Security, Higher Automation and Lower Cost: New Solutions Deliver on All Three
– Christelle Heikkila, IT Director at Arsenal F.C. rn- Candid Wuest, VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis rn- Steven Trommel, CEO at Proud Innovations B.V. rn- Selim Ourtani, CEO at Sertalink rn- Zaidoun Aarbd, COO StarLink
Demo Acronis Cyber Protect 15
– Dan Carno, Senior Solutions Engineer at Acronis
Panel: Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 – Evolving from Reactive to Proactive Defenses against Downtime
– Graeme Hackland, CIO at Williams Racing rn- Sascha Maier, Head of IT & Cyber Resilience at International Watch Company (IWC) rn- David Fuhr, Head of Research at HiSolutionsrn- Mohammed Nabeel, Sr. Solution Architect – Cyber Security at Yokogawa Middle East & Africarn- Nick Grebennikoff, Chief Development Officer at Acronis
Brief Closing