March 4, 2021 | 02:00 PM – 03:30 PM EST

A New Playbook to Protect Your Users from Cyberthreats in 2021

What SMBs should know about Cyber Protection in 2021

2021’s cyberthreats require IT leaders to replace their legacy backup and antivirus solutions with modern next-generation solutions. It’s clear that SMBs are losing the battle against modern threats with outdated solutions. Learn how to up your game to protect your users


Hear from Thought Leaders including

Candid Wuest Photo
Candid Wuest
VP of Cyber Protection Research, Acronis
Paul Stringfellow Photo
Paul Stringfellow
Data Security Analyst, GigaOM
Dave Seibert Photo
Dave Seibert
CIO IT Innovators, Microsoft Worldwide MVP & Influencer
Randy George  Photo
Randy George
Senior Director, Technology Operations, Boston Red Sox
Bobby Lalwani Photo
Bobby Lalwani
IT Manager, Terra Nova Industries
Pat Hurley Photo
Pat Hurley
VP and GM Americas, Acronis
James Slaby Photo
James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection, Acronis

Why attend?

Learn how cyber protection experts safeguard their users and gain tips for updating your own cyber protection program

No matter what you do, you and your legacy systems can’t keep up with new cyberthreats.

These attacks are coming in a number of ways: 33% through email, 30% via the web, and 23% in software vulnerabilities. One-fifth of IT managers say they didn’t know how their networks were compromised.

Legacy stacks will only slow you down from running the plays that keep you and your users protected in a modern world. You need a new runbook.
During this virtual conference you’ll learn how to:

  • Play the best defence to protect your backups and recover faster
  • Avoid downtime and data loss
  • Save time in training through integration and automation
  • and stay ahead with next-gen cybersecurity.

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Agenda EST
02:00 – 02:05


Housekeeping notes and agenda overview

02:05 – 02:10

Stats and Legacy tools

James Slaby, Director of Solutions Marketing, Acronis

02:10 – 02:25

Keynote: Why your existing cybersecurity stack is failing you

Paul Stringfellow, Data Security Analyst, GigaOM

02:25 – 03:05

Panel discussion: Reality Check. Why SMBs are Targets

03:05 – 03:15

Brief demo of Acronis Cyber Protect 15

Dan Cardno, Solutions Engineer, Acronis

03:15 – 03:20

Live Q&A

03:20 – 03:25

Brief Closing