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Product demo

Liberate IT resources and reduce deployment time by 50%

Date and Time
Jun 20, 2024, 8:00 AM
1 hour
In English

Achieve faster OS and software deployment in your high-speed domain with Acronis Snap Deploy. Join us to explore how to free up IT resources and focus on more pressing tasks.

Whether you are an IT professional in health care, education, manufacturing or retail, the task of manually provisioning large numbers of machines is labor intensive, costly and time consuming.

Between dissimilar hardware, slow dispatch speeds and various types of machines, the challenge of deploying new software and OSs introduces complexities. Fast-paced organizations cannot afford operational delays or downtime. 

Now, there is a more efficient way — Acronis Snap Deploy empowers you to rapidly deploy and configure at once hundreds of machines, including servers, desktops, laptops and PCs.

Join our solutions engineers who will share Acronis Snap Deploy’s value-added benefits and demonstrate firsthand its mass deployment in the Acronis Cyber Protect integrated console.

By attending this demo, you will:

·       Discover how to save your IT department up to ten weeks of deployment time and ensure IT resources can focus on critical tasks.

·       Explore two real-world success stories: See how the University of Aberdeen cut deployment time in half and Rush Memorial Hospital rapidly rolled out 260 new PCs.

·       Uncover practical tips for accelerating deployment and configuration in the Acronis Cyber Protect console.

·       Participate in a live Q&A session and ask IT experts your environment- and industry-specific questions.

Save your spot today and learn how to free up your IT staff’s time to focus on critical objectives.

Gabriel Popescu
Solutions Engineer, Acronis
Since 2018, Gabriel Popescu has excelled as a Solutions Engineer at Acronis, focusing on cybersecurity and data protection. With a strong grasp of the IT industry acquired over his extensive career, Gabriel effectively assists customers and partners in crafting tailored solutions for their needs.