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Cybersecurity Masterclass: Safeguarding Education in the Digital Age

Date and Time
May 22, 2024, 2:00 PM
30 minutes
In English

Step into a dynamic series of informative weekly video-podcasts designed to elevate your understanding and management of digital threats in the educational sector.

This series is a must for those involved in educational administration, IT and security, offering critical knowledge on cybersecurity defense and preparedness. 

Immerse yourself in a narrative where a school's digital defences were compromised, giving rise to the unauthorized extraction of sensitive data and a sizeable ransom demand.

  • May 22, 3 PM: "Cyber Risk Overview: Navigating Threats in Education" Our opening 30-minute episode dissects the current cyberthreat landscape, illuminating the cyberthreats facing the EMEA region and the highly targeted education sector in particular. Engage with us as we decode the cybersecurity hurdles faced by schools and higher education institutions. 
  • May 29, 3 PM: "True Story: How Cyber Criminals were Foiled after Stealing School Data and Demanding Payment” Discover in 30 minutes how public and private sector organisations combined to help a school recover, post-cyberattack. Using a timeline of events, law enforcement officers involved in the incident will discuss decision-making during the event, together with first-hand testimony from the affected school and Acronis, a prominent cyber resilience solution provider, and key partner of the NEBRC.  
  • June 5, 3 PM: "Defensive Tactics: Meeting DfE and NCSC Cybersecurity Standards" This session equips education professionals with strategies and tools to traverse the complexities of cybersecurity. The narrative melds a real incident with the stringent guidelines from the Department for Education and the National Cyber Security Centre.
  • June 12, 3 PM: "Risk and Resilience: The Role of Cyber Insurance in Education" Gain insight into the crucial function of cyber insurance for educational institutions. We will explore the pivotal intersection of cyber insurance, regulatory compliance, and cutting-edge solutions in the context of safeguarding educational institutions.
  • June 19, 3 PM: "Budgeting for Security: Financial Planning for Cyber Compliance" Our bonus episode tackles the vital topic of budgetary planning for cybersecurity compliance within educational institutions. We'll shed light on effective strategies for early communication of cybersecurity requirements within the school, engaging key stakeholders such as bursars, finance teams, and administrators.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email for the initial episode and reminders ahead of each new installment. Join us to fortify your institution against cyber adversaries.

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Edward Renwick
Strategic Partner Executive, Acronis
Wendy Pattison
CFO and Business Director, Secondary Academy in Durham
Joe Cockcroft
Service and Technology Supervisor, NEBRC (North East Business Resilience Centre)
Martin Wilson
Detective Inspector, Durham Constabulary