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Deploying Database Protection with cPanel and MariaDB

In English

Let’s focus on best practices and speedy deployment.

In this interactive webinar Vicentiu Ciorbaru – Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead from MariaDB, Ryan Robson – Technical Training Manager for cPanel, and Jeff Hardy – Product Marketing Manager for Hosting at Acronis team up to walk through the best practices for ensuring MariaDB databases are secure and protected and how to deploy it all through cPanel. 

MariaDB and hosting – it’s a match made in cyber heaven. But as good as it is, it’s not fully secure out of the box.You are about to learn the best practices to make MariaDB as secure as possible and how to level up your cyber protection with advance Acronis solutions. And the best part is that is that integrations between MariaDB, cPanel, and Acronis are so tight that everything can be configured and deployed using a single pane of glass.  

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Jeff Hardy
Manager of Global Service Provider Solutions, Acronis
Ryan Robson
Technical Training Manager, cPanel
Vicentiu Ciorbaru
Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead, MariaDB