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Discover how to close vulnerabilities and protect your data — even from zero-day attacks

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Did you know that a startling 80% of breaches are new or unknown zero-day attacks? Or that antiviruses alone miss 57% of attacks?

These statistics are alarming and probably leave you wondering what to do to protect your organization’s data, applications and systems, and keep your business running.

Join our webinar to see Acronis Cyber Protect in action. Explore how the integration of next-generation cybersecurity, reliable backup, and recovery and enterprise protection management can increase the security of your data, improve team productivity and decrease your operating costs. By attending, you will discover how to:

·        Prevent attacks from happening in the first place

·        Protect as many applications as possible

·        Identify outdated software that is known to have vulnerabilities

·        Automatically update software to recent versions

·        Quickly revert to a healthy system version when patches go wrong

Join your IT peers for the live expert-led demonstration and Q&A. Find out what Acronis can do to protect and secure your data, applications and systems.

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Joshua Briand
Solutions Engineer, Acronis
Josh has worked in the data protection and cybersecurity space for more than 10 years with a focus on cloud-based platforms. Before joining Acronis, his posts included work with Azure cloud server management, data protection, network security, and disaster recovery.