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How MSPs can manage ransomware risk to combat soaring cyber insurance premiums

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Cyberattacks are increasing — and cyber insurance rates are skyrocketing.

Some experts predict cyber insurance rates will increase 40-75% in the near future, and MSPs need to take action now to protect their profits and businesses in 2022 and beyond.In a March 2022 Acronis MSP virtual conference, we explored why ransomware attacks are at the heart of these increases.You can watch our MSP virtual conference on demand. Our conference features expert insights from:

  • Richard Stiennon — Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest
  • Joseph Brunsman — Founder, Brunsman Advisory Group
  • Dave Sobel — Host of MSP Radio's "The Business of Tech" podcast
  • James Slaby — Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis

During our virtual conference, we explore:

  • Why MSP cyber insurance rates are increasing — and what you can do about them
  • How to find the right balance between cyber insurance and cyber protection
  • The best ways to protect against ransomware and other advanced cyberthreats

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Dave Sobel
Host, The Business Of Tech Podcast David Ednie Photo David Ednie
Joseph Brunsman
Founder, Brunsman Advisory Group
James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection, Acronis