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Legit email blackout! How will you avoid rejection and impersonation on Google/Yahoo?

Date and Time
Feb 14, 2024, 2:00 PM
40 minutes
In English
James Abercrombie
ISV Technology Evangelist, Acronis
As a Senior Sales Engineer, James is extremely capable of making real world sense of underlying technologies that drive backup and disaster recovery solutions in order to bring discussions to positive technical closure.Read more
Sacha Matulovich
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Sendmarc
Serial entrepreneur Sacha has founded companies in the media, telecommunications, technology and financial services industries over the past two decades. SENDMARC is his most recent venture, where he is one of three co-founders. He founded his first company, Re:public Media Group in 2004, and is a founding partner in Birthmark Video and, all of which have been extremely successful. Sacha has extensive experience building businesses, defining strategy, developing and growing partnerships and creating ‘frictionless experiences”. At Sendmarc he helps bring all these parts together so we can be the best we can, and take the best route to where we want to go: making the internet a safer place.Read more