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Reliable Backup and Recovery for Manufacturing Environments

Date and Time
Jul 10, 2024, 2:00 PM
1 hour
In English

Register now to reserve your spot as our experts dive into the critical uptime challenges that OT leaders face in the manufacturing industry and proven strategies to overcome them.

In the event of a critical PC failure, the smooth operation of your automated factory-floor processes can be severely disrupted. This presents a multifaceted challenge, intensified by limited on-site IT support, the need to maintain outdated hardware and software, and the persistent risk of cyber threats such as ransomware attacks.

This demo webinar examines OT trends and challenges, focusing on sources of downtime and strategies for maximizing uptime to maintain continuous manufacturing production.

The presentation will also include how Acronis’ solutions solve OT challenges, including:

• Keeping production systems online

• Simplifying and automating backups

• Minimizing downtime of PCs that control critical OT infrastructure

• Enabling recovery of OT-controlling PCs by local, non-IT factory staff

Without a plan to protect it them, PCs controlling OT eventually fail, taking production operations offline. Learn how to defend your factory floor uptime with the latest strategies for quickly restoring failed OT-controlling assets to online operation and defending them against modern cyberthreats like ransomware.


• Overview of OT technology trends and challenges

• Strategies for maximizing critical OT-controlling PC uptime in automated factory-floor environments

• Demo of Acronis Cyber Protect

• Live audience Q&A with presenters

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J.D. Perham
Solutions Architect, Acronis
With 5+ years of experience as a sales engineer with Acronis, John currently works with some of the company’s largest enterprise customers, helping them develop, deploy, and maintain software to ensure system uptime and business continuity. John’s expertise also includes working with smaller to medium businesses so he understands the complexity of needs that can range from various customer deployments.Read more
Michael Bova
Senior Cyber Protection Advisor, Acronis
For the past 4 years at Acronis, Mike has been helping companies in the Fortune 1000 to develop Backup and Recovery Plans as well as Cyber Resiliency plans to meet and exceed their RPO and RTO Objectives as well as save time, money and meet and exceed internal benchmarks for their systems.Read more