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How to ensure that cyber threats are not already in your network

Date and Time
Nov 25, 2022, 9:00 AM
1 hour
In English

Both cyber-attacks and IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated on their own. If you are responsible for cybersecurity at your company or - as a Service Provider -  your job is to make sure your customers’ systems, applications and data are secure. Join us at this insightful webinar and learn:

  • About cybercriminals' newest attack trends and tactics
  • How attackers breach companies
  • How simple and effective ransomware attacks can be – live demo

Abusing the relationship of trust is one of the most important weapons in cybercriminals' arsenal. Attacks on the software supply chain, hijacked MSP tools, and compromised supporter accounts are becoming more common. Despite the common “why would anyone attack me” mentality, MSPs are a perfect target for any cybercriminal. In this session, we will highlight how cybercriminals are abusing the current complexity and where companies put too much trust into the IT infrastructure.

Know your enemy, learn how attackers breach companies. Register now!

Irina Artioli
Cyber Protection Evangelist, Acronis
In her role as Cyber Protection Evangelist, Irina conducts online research for the latest cyber threats, attacks, and developments within the malware landscape and help with CPOC news. After 10 years of experience in Sales within IT, she has joined Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Center (CPOC) and continues to work closely with partners and customers worldwide focusing their minds on cyber protection. Irina has got a Master’s degree in Economics and International Business and loves to travel and discover new places. Irina has joined Acronis in 2017 and she says, she is fortunate to combine her passion for CyberSecurity and Sales at Acronis.Read more
Candid Wüest
Vice President of Research, Acronis
Candid Wüest is Vice President of Research at Acronis. His career in cybersecurity goes back more than twenty years. If you want to understand the biggest threats to hosting, cloud, and the businesses they serve there is simply no one better to get you the information you need.Read more